TerraGo Edge Taps Into the Cloud to Bring the Right Map to Mobile Workers Anywhere

by | Oct 9, 2014

Washington, D.C. “ October 8, 2014 “ TerraGo, a pioneer of geospatial collaboration and enterprise mobility software, announces the availability ofTerraGo Edge version 3.1. TerraGo Edge is a mobile solution that enables users to access cloud-based mapping services and provide customized base maps to mobile workers anywhere, while enabling them to sync location-based observations with headquarters, other mobile workers, databases and systems.

TerraGo Edge is a real game changer, and makes it possible to share offline maps and sync field data collection in ways never before possible, said Tony Sani, CEO, SANI-ITA.  With the latest release, users will not only be able to access their enterprise maps, but also open web services, enabling them to view maps and imagery from any location, seamlessly round-trip field data, improve data quality and transform field operations.

New features include:

  • Open Web Map Service (WMS):  Tap into a growing universe of public and private online map services to create maps and overlays uniquely tailored to a user's area of interest and the task at hand.   Users can mashup the right maps for the job and enrich them with your information, like overlaying weather radar on your custom site maps to improve safety, planning and efficiency.
  • Offline maps for iPhone:   Stay connected to maps and tools, even when not connected to the Internet.  iPhone users can collect data using offline maps, which makes all the difference when your workers need to get the job done in a remote location, responding to a crisis or any scenario where bandwidth is limited or non-existent.
  • Dropbox: Use one of the web's most popular cloud services and another super-easy way to share notes, photos, videos and notebooks.   Now users get another option to safely and securely share field information with anyone, anywhere.
  • ArcGIS® Online basemaps: If your company has an ArcGIS Online subscription, TerraGo Edge makes it easy to give your mobile workers maps and imagery built from a global community of thousands of organizations that benefit from sharing their high fidelity content in the cloud.
  • Web Feature Service (WFS): TerraGo Edge acts as a WFS server, giving our customers another way to sync field data with other systems in real-time.  With seamless updates to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other WFS-enabled database systems, TerraGo Edge puts your place-based data wherever needed.
  • iOS8 support: Supporting the latest and greatest iOS release means we can take advantage of a number of new features, performance and design improvements that enhance the mobile user experience.

TerraGo Edge brings the power of location to transform field operations and mobile workflows by helping users access the rapidly growing amount of geospatial data on the web, as well as enterprise maps and imagery. And they can access it all from their phone or tablet, helping our customers take advantage of the location-enabled device at their workers’ fingertips, said Dave Basil, Vice President of Product Development, TerraGo.

Register for one of our live webinars to find out how you can tap into the cloud with TerraGo Edge v 3.1, Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 2PM (ET) or Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 9AM (ET).

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About TerraGo

TerraGo makes software applications and mobile apps that make it easy for our customers to collect data, share information and work together anywhere, any time.    From sharing feature-rich maps and imagery to deploying on-demand apps for a mobile workforce, TerraGo builds intuitive products that enable collaboration from any place on the planet.

Founded in 2005, TerraGo invented the industry's most widely adopted geospatial collaboration technology with its innovative GeoPDF products and is revolutionizing field data collection with its TerraGo Edge mobile platform.

TerraGo's customers include the world's leading defense and intelligence departments, government agencies, non-profits and commercial enterprises in every industry, with over 1,500 global customers based in over 70 countries and all 50 US states.


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