Optech Announces New Airborne LiDAR Sensor for Engineering/Corridor/Wide-Area

by | Sep 30, 2014

VAUGHAN, ON, Canada, Sept. 30, 2014”Optech is pleased to announce the latest addition to its innovative line of airborne laser terrain mappers, the ALTM Galaxy. The Optech ALTM Galaxy rivals dual-beam sensors for point density and collection efficiency.

Galaxy is a giant leap forward in productivity and technology innovation that truly raises the bar in sensor capability. Boasting a similar compact form factor to the award-winning ALTM Orion sensor platform for Tier-II UAV, heli-pod, gyro-stabilized or fixed-platform installations, the new ALTM Galaxy maintains the same exceptional survey-grade data precision and accuracy for the highest quality data sets in the industry. Whether it is surveying high-altitude, mountainous areas above 4000  m AGL or mapping corridors at low altitude, Galaxy˜s superior dynamic range and exceptional small-target detection provides maximum application flexibility with no compromises in collection efficiency or data quality.

Central to Galaxy˜s performance capability is its innovative, high-productivity PulseTRAKâ„¢ technology. PulseTRAK'sâ„¢ unique features directly address key industry demands and limitations associated with current sensor offerings. PulseTRAKâ„¢ technology enables a truly continuous operating envelope that solves the challenge of coverage gaps and density variation in the multipulse transition/blind zones; up to 8 returns per emitted pulse without the need for voluminous waveform capture, which eliminates the storage and processing burden previously required for increased vertical density; a new robust scanner design that significantly increases scan velocity and scan product for improved point distribution at higher sample rates and dramatically increases point density at lesser FOVs; a new swath-tracking mode that dynamically maintains a fixed swath width and consistent point distribution despite changes in altitude and/or terrain variation; and a realtime sensor protocol for in-air target detection confirmation, true coverage verification, and immediate LAS file deliverables.

According to Michael Sitar, Business Manager of Optech's Airborne Mapping Solutions, the secret to Galaxy's exceptional capability is really its integrated PulseTRAKâ„¢ technology. We have put a tremendous amount of effort into and productivity in a compact form factor, without sacrificing data quality or sensor reliability. While larger sampling rates are certainly desired, so are innovative features that maximize information content, increase collection efficiency, and reduce overhead costs. PulseTRAKâ„¢ enables all this and more.

Other key features in the ALTM Galaxy include a unique, realtime atmospheric point inhibitor for exceptionally clean raw data; a wider 60° FOV for larger area coverage rates; and a ground-pounding 550-kHz pulse repetition frequency that competes at the same altitudes as many larger multi-beam sensors for maximum collection efficiency and point density.

Optech is taking orders now for January deliveries of ALTM Galaxy “ powered by PulseTRAKâ„¢.


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