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June 2, 2015
Numecent and Hexagon Geospatial Announce Cloudpaging Partnership

IRVINE, Calif., June 1, 2015—Cloudpaging leader Numecent today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Hexagon Geospatial. With this, Hexagon Geospatial will be deploying Numecent’s cloudpaging services initially to provision the company’s ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia applications from the cloud. Producer Online, which includes IMAGINE Online and GeoMedia Online will be launched during HxGN Live in Las Vegas, Jun 1-4, which Numecent is also participating in as a silver sponsor.

Cloudpaging is Numecent’s unique virtualization and containerization platform which excels in dynamic and friction-free provisioning of any Microsoft® Windows® application directly to physical or virtual desktops without installation and without streaming any pixels. Through cloudpaging, ISVs, Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises can substantially reduce the server, storage, network and IT footprint of native applications delivered from the cloud or on-premises.

“We are very pleased that major ISVs such as Hexagon Geospatial are deploying cloudpaging across multiple product lines in their portfolio,” said Tom Lagatta, President and CEO of Numecent. “Both ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia are class-leading and complex native applications for which cloud delivery was not a realistic option prior to cloudpaging. Numecent and Hexagon have been working well together the past few months to make cloud provisioning a reality for these applications and a smooth experience for their users.”

“Numecent’s Native-as-a-Service cloudpaging platform enables us to reduce provisioning times by orders of magnitude while allowing us to offer our applications world-wide from the cloud with minimal IT footprint,” said Mladen Stojic, President of Hexagon GeoSpatial. “Such friction-free provisioning also enables us to explore new business horizons which were not possible before.”

“I have always been impressed with Numecent’s cloudpaging solutions and it is good to see visionary ISVs like Hexagon embracing Numecent’s unique value propositions – especially for those complex GPU-centric applications that often require hand-holding the user,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, Principal of Jon Peddie Research. “I expect to see many more ISVs rolling out cloudpaging-based offerings in the near future.”

About Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Geospatial ( helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Hexagon Geospatial provides the software products and platforms to a large variety of customers through direct sales, channel partners and other Hexagon businesses.

Hexagon Geospatial is part of Hexagon (, a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications. Hexagon’s solutions integrate sensors, software, domain knowledge and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems that deliver actionable information, automate business processes and improve productivity. They are used in a broad range of vital industries. Hexagon has more than 15,000 employees in 46 countries and net sales of approximately 3.1bn USD.

About Numecent

Numecent ( is a fast-growing software and cloud-services company based in Irvine, California. The company is a pioneer and technology leader in rapid, secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud (public, private or on-premises) through virtualization and containerization and without streaming any pixels to the client device.

Numecent was named a Gartner “Cool Vendor 2013” in recognition of its disruptive cloudpaging platform and, in a recent survey, ranked #11 in Cloud Thought Leadership alongside industry giants. So far in 2015, Numecent was selected to be one of the ‘Top 20 Virtualization’ solutions by CIO Review magazine, one of the ‘Top 12 Data Center’ companies to watch by TechTarget and was shortlisted for the Red Herring Top 100 USA award.

A pure B2B/OEM play, Numecent has so far helped deliver more than 20 million sessions and 10,000+ cloudified applications for leading ISVs, Service Providers and Enterprises around the world. Numecent’s customers can choose to self-host cloudpaging services or to subscribe to Numecent’s white-label cloud service offering, Native-as-a-Service (NaaS), which is available globally through 31 data centers.

About Cloudpaging

Cloudpaging first ‘cloudifies’ an application using pre-virtualization and containerization. This one-time, offline process abstracts the application from the underlying operating system and does not require any changes to the application itself nor does it require any access to the source code. It also divides the application into tiny instruction fragments called ‘pages’ which can be delivered on-demand — hence the term “cloudpaging“.

This cloudified asset is then published on a cloudpaging server (in the cloud or on-premises) where the admin can now impose a second layer of licensing, which Numecent calls ‘MetaLicensing™’. The purpose of MetaLicensing is to provide a fine-grain, real-time license enforcement tool for compliance and audit reasons, without having to change the underlying license mechanisms of the rights holders.

Once the initial 5% payload is delivered (pushed or pulled), the cloudpaging agent on the client-side fetches the remaining pages only if accessed by the user and executes them inside a virtualization sandbox with ZERO installation. Avoiding the installation phase solves the major application-provisioning problems associated with physical and virtual desktops and users can start running the application almost instantly without contaminating their desktops. Subsequent accesses to previously fetched pages are satisfied from a client-side encrypted cache for even faster access and can be used even offline.

Unlike any other cloud proposition, while the applications can be delivered from the cloud in this friction-free manner, cloudpaging does NOT require company data to be moved to the cloud (which can still remain securely behind the company’s firewall). This unique attribute of cloudpaging is an important security consideration for many enterprise customers.

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