Leica RCD30: Better Resolution with More Details for 3D City Modeling

by | Oct 6, 2014

Norcross, Ga., Oct. 6, 2014”Leica Geosystems' RCD30 Penta Oblique system is now available with new optics. Compared to the previous configuration, which consists of lenses with 50…mm focal length for nadir and 80…mm for oblique images, the camera is now available with 80 mm and 150 mm focal length respectively. In combination with the new 80 MP CCD sensor, the RCD30 now provides data with even more detail. These new features make the RCD30 the only oblique system able to acquire 4-channel RGBN multispectral data with 10 centimeter Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) from an altitude of 3,000 meters.

No other camera on the market today offers these performance parameters. Compared to other systems, users can fly higher and achieve the same high resolution. It is now possible for users to make highly detailed 3D city models in areas that do not allow capturing aerial images at altitudes under 3,000 meters, for example in Moscow.

The new Leica RCD30 Penta Oblique 80/150 is particularly interesting for the Asian market, where demands exist for an even higher resolution than 10 cm GSD. For many other global regions, the systems provide users with significant advantages through higher accuracy, greater flying altitudes and elimination of altitude restrictions.

The RCD30 is also available as a single-head camera with all three focal length options, such as in combination with a LIDAR sensor.


All models are available immediately. Details and ordering information are available from all authorized Leica Geosystems sales partners.

For more information about Leica RCD30 please visit: http://www.leica-geosystems.com/rcd30


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