Lead’Air and Stellacore Solutions Join Forces to Improve Oblique Aerial Systems

by | Oct 17, 2014

Kissimmee, Fla. and Aurora, Colo., Oct. 16, 2014”Lead'Air Inc. (Lead'Air) and Stellacore Solutions LLC (Stellacore) announce a collaboration whereby these companies will jointly apply their complementary expertise in aerial oblique sensor technology (Lead'Air) and image processing production and calibration software systems (Stellacore) to improve the fidelity and efficiency of oblique aerial systems/processes.

Since 2005, Lead'Air has delivered over one hundred MIDAS oblique sensor systems throughout the world to a variety of professional aerial mapping customers.  This market presence of MIDAS oblique sensor systems has allowed Lead'Air to set the standard for the aerial oblique sensor technology and has established the standard for high quality oblique imaging; with hundreds of millions of images taken, the MIDAS oblique sensor system has proven to be THE dependable system in this emerging market.

Since 2010, Stellacore has delivered highly integrated large scale processing software for multi-head precision kinematic aerial oblique camera systems (PictoVeraOblique) to the market.  PictoVeraOblique, is a high performance geometric product processor system which converts aerial imagery pixel data from simple pictures into valuable three-dimensional geospatial products.  The products from this system include precision registration of every image with all overlapping neighbors. This result has become the foundation for extracting high-fidelity three-dimensional (3D) information associated with man-made structures and their environments.

The oblique aerial segment of the market continues to evolve from aerial mapping to aerial surveying with ever increasing demands for higher precision, accuracy, resolution and efficiency.  Lead'Air and Stellacore have agreed to interlace their complimentary expertise to deliver efficient high fidelity integrated hardware/software oblique aerial surveying solutions to the market such that the market can achieve higher fidelity more profitably.

Lead'Air Inc, based in Orlando Florida, has taken over the design and manufacturing of all the equipment which was produced by Track'Air BV in the Netherlands. Track'Air is now the trade mark used for all Lead ˜Air's products. Lead'Air provides leading edge flight management and aerial camera systems. Find out more at www.trackair.com .

Stellacore Solutions LLC, based in Aurora, Colorado, provides professional software products and consulting services addressing a variety of system technologies including aerial (vertical and oblique) with a focus on integration, calibration, and processing for optical, laser, inertial and positioning sensing systems.  Stellacore Solutions LLC, provides cross platform solutions scaled to 64bit multi-core/multi-socket systems for leading edge throughput capabilities. Find out more at www.stellacoresolutions.com.


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