IGN France Chosen to Implement a Land Information System in Uganda

by | Aug 10, 2015

The Government of Uganda with support from the World Bank has selected a consortium led by IGN France International to implement the second phase of the computerization of land registry. The DeSINLISI project will lead to the establishment of National Land Information System Infrastructure.

A year after the end of the pilot project for computerization of Land Records and provision of Land Information System, the Government of Uganda renewed its trust into the Consortium led by IGN France International by selecting it to extend the provision of computerized land information system services throughout the country and to finalize the conversion of land records into digital form, to provide capacity building, training and public awareness campaign.

The second phase project is named DeSINLISI (Design, Supply, Installation and Implementation of National LIS Infrastructure). It is a five year programme (February 2015 – February 2020) which will continue the decentralization process of land administration services and will result in a decentralized and fully integrated land information system incorporating 21 Ministry Zonal Offices across the country.

During the second phase, the consortium will:

  • Upgrade the LIS solution using open source technologies
  • Design and develop new functionalities (e.g. valuation, physical planning, mobile money payment for services)
  • Train the personnel on the operations and management of the system
  • Extend the LIS infrastructure to the rest of the country
  • Inform and sensitize the public on the benefits of the LIS

It will also include the conversion and rehabilitation of cadastral maps and other land administration and registration records started during the first phase of the project. Special attention will be given to the capacity building and communication components.

The modernization of the land administration procedures at national level contributes to the reduction in time and costs associated with the registration of titles. It prevents encroachment on wetlands, forests, road reserves and other public land reserves and reduces the risk of fraud and litigation amongst individuals, families and communities, and improves the service delivery to the public.

About IGN France International

IGN France International created in 1986,is the international subsidiary of the French IGN (National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information). Over the years, the company has shown itself to be one of the key players in its sectors of intervention: Geographic Information (acquisition, processing, modelling) and Land Information Systems (design, implementation and integration). Find out more about IGN France International's projects by visiting www.ignfi.com


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