HERE and leading Swiss retailer Migros offer COâ‚‚ Insights for shippers and fleet operators

by | Jan 11, 2022

CES 2022 “ HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced a new commercial fleet analytics tool that predicts the amount of Carbon dioxide (COâ‚‚) emissions per route, considering factors such as vehicle and fuel type, traffic conditions and the road networks' physical attributes, including topography, curvature, slope and elevation. COâ‚‚ Insights also recommends the most appropriate commercial vehicle with the most appropriate engine (diesel, electric, bio-gas or hydrogen) to produce the least COâ‚‚ for any given route. By doing so, COâ‚‚ Insights supports the transition to COâ‚‚ neutral commercial fleet and contributes to reducing pollution.

COâ‚‚ Insights “ under the name of M Opex Tower “ was developed by leading Swiss retailer Migros and its strategic partner Empa, a world-renowned research institute for materials science and technology within the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich), relying on HERE location data and services. Migros has used the tool to investigate the environmental impact of its own fleet and drive the transition from diesel vehicles to alternative fuel options such as biogas, electric and hydrogen. The retailer built its COâ‚‚ analytical tool with the HERE Routing API, which enables fleet managers to deliver optimized navigation routes incorporating the attributes of the roadway, legal and physical restrictions and adjusted road hierarchy and topology via HERE Map Attributes API.

COâ‚‚ Insights is certified by myclimate, an organization that helps calculate and offset emissions. For this offset, the COâ‚‚ calculation takes into account the energy consumed for transportation (tank-to-wheel) and emissions from fuel production (well-to-tank). Indirect emissions from vehicle manufacturing, maintenance and disposal, as well as the emissions produced to build the infrastructure used by the vehicle are also considered. The COâ‚‚ calculation is certified according to DIN EN 16258 and ISO 14040.

Sustainability has always played a major role for Migros. The innovative tool we have recently developed helps us reach our goal to reduce COâ‚‚ emissions in road transport by 70% by 2030 and thus consolidate our position as one of the most sustainable retailers in the world, said Rainer Deutschmann, Director Security & Traffic, Federation of Migros Cooperatives. With its extensive network in the Transport and Logistics industry, HERE Technologies is the right partner to get other companies to benefit from our innovation.

In addition to offering our customers the fastest and shortest routes, we are now in a position to predict the amount of COâ‚‚ produced by any given type of commercial truck on any given route. We can even identify which combination of truck model and fuel is least polluting. We are proud to see our road attributes powering COâ‚‚ Insights in support of building COâ‚‚ neutral fleets. This is an important contribution to help the EU reach its objectives of climate neutrality by 2050, said Jørgen Behrens, Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies.

COâ‚‚ Insights will be free of charge for evaluation purposes until 31 March 2022 for HERE customers.

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