European Space Imaging Partners with Skybox Imaging to Offer New Challenge for the Copernicus Masters¨

by | Apr 9, 2014

Munich, Germany, April 3, 2014”European Space Imaging has a new partner to support their High-Res Challenge which is now called European Space Imaging & Skybox Imaging High-Res Challenge and is open worldwide to participants.

Their new partner, Skybox Imaging, located in Mountain View, California, is the new kid on the block in the satellite business. Founded in 2009, it is launching an innovative constellation of more than 20 very high-resolution satellites with sub-meter color imagery and high definition video capability. This satellite constellation affords the option of sub-daily access, meaning it will now be possible to image a site up to 8 times during daylight hours.

The European Space Imaging & Skybox Imaging High-Res Challenge is looking for new, viable application ideas for this sub-daily availability of very high-resolution (VHR), multispectral data from the Skybox Imaging satellite. The partners are hoping researchers and developers will think outside the box in proposing ideas that have real future potential. The winner will receive a European Space Imaging data package of Skybox Imaging satellite data valued at EUR 20,000 to apply in realizing their application idea.

Now the Copernicus Masters has expanded globally, we hope this new partnership will give remote sensing idea developers inspiration and scope to come up with groundbreaking new applications for optical VHR satellite imagery, says Michaela Weber, Director Sales & Marketing, European Space Imaging.

The unique aspect of this Challenge is the search for viable ideas only. It doesn't require prototypes or prior testing, just the belief in the idea, an understanding of what makes it different and a justification of why it is possible. Submissions open worldwide on the 15th April until 13 July 2014. Register at

About European Space Imaging

European Space Imaging (EUSI) is a leading supplier of very high-resolution satellite imagery to customers in Europe and North Africa. It is the only European satellite data provider operating its own multi-mission capable VHR ground stations, enabling optimized collection strategies, flexibility and real-time weather assessments. Since 2002 the Munich based company has provided customers access to the most advanced VHR satellites and services available throughout their region.

About Skybox Imaging

Skybox Imaging (Skybox) empowers global businesses to make better decisions with timely, high fidelity imagery and infinite analytics. By combining the power of web technologies and a constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites, Skybox is generating a unique data source describing daily global activity with timely, accessible, sub-meter color imagery and high definition video of the Earth. Founded in 2009, Skybox Imaging is backed by leading venture firms and comprised of internet and aerospace professionals. For more information, visit


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