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July 15, 2014
ERDAS IMAGINE Transforms the Way Rezatec Analyses EO Data

Loughborough, United Kingdom, July 11, 2014—ERDAS IMAGINE brings together the gigabytes of images captured from the 1000s of sensors that are used in Earth Observation and Remote Sensing today.

Sterling Geo is pleased to be working with landscape intelligence providers, Rezatec, at the Satellite Applications Catapult in Harwell.  One of the key benefits of ERDAS IMAGINE, is its capacity to handle sensor data from multiple sources.  This includes its ability to analyse high resolution UAV imagery, through to low resolution MODIS satellite data.  These features were crucial to Rezatec’s decision to work with Sterling Geo.

Todd Sajwaj, Earth Observation and GIS Specialist at Rezatec said:  “We utilise various image pre-processing and enhancement tools in ERDAS IMAGINE to improve the ability of algorithms to detect ground phenomena of interest.

“Additionally, we use the image classification tools to map land cover and LiDAR tools to extract DTMs, DSMs and canopy height models.

“I have used ERDAS IMAGINE in varying roles for the past 15 years and in my opinion, it remains one of the best EO packages available in terms of its ease of use, its wide range of raster data processing tools and its highly useful graphic modelling tools.”

Phil Cooper, Director and General Manager for Sterling Geo, said: “The results so far are very positive and we hope that this will give confidence to other organisations looking to analyse, manipulate and manage both high and low resolution imagery.

“Additionally, the new ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler can be used to produce re-usable models; any of the processes can be linked together to automatically batch process imagery.”

To find out more about ERDAS IMAGINE and how you can benefit from the world leader in image analysis, please head to our website.

About Sterling

Sterling Geo has built a reputation for capability, quality and service.  The organisation’s competency emanates from a combination of having the right people and our specialist technical capability. At the forefront of all major changes and challenges that face the geospatial industry, Sterling Geo understands and undertakes work to meet the commercial and technical pressures that have evolved with big data and complex network environments. Where there’s a need for accurate, actionable information, there’s Sterling Geo.  For more details, please contact Douglas Easton, Marketing Executive on +44 (0)1509 235000,

About Rezatec

Rezatec’s landscape intelligence platform aggregates large amounts of diverse data from satellite, airborne and ground instruments and through its mapping, measuring and monitoring services provides critical support for commercial, environmental and social decision-making for businesses. The platform captures a wide range of landscape characteristics in high spatial and temporal resolution and provides layers of geo-referenced information and associated analysis all within a user-friendly web-based dashboard tailored to each customer’s requirements. Headquartered within the Harwell Space Cluster, Oxfordshire, UK, Rezatec provides its data products and services to a wide range of industries including: food, energy, water, carbon and forestry. For more details please contact: Philip Briscoe: email tel +44 (0)1235 567396 or 07968 246054.


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