Envitia Launches Discovery 3.0

by | Oct 15, 2014

HORSHAM, West Sussex, UK, Oct. 15, 2014”Envitia is delighted to announce the launch of Envitia Discovery 3.0 – a powerful suite of tools that enable organisations to automate the management, processing and distribution of geospatial intelligence and data to their users.  

Discovery's Spatial Data Management suite includes highly configurable tools that take the pain out of repetitive data management tasks – such as cataloguing, conversion, transformation, packaging, publication and visualisation – and puts data into the hands of users.  Envitia Discovery 3.0 introduces a new set of workflow-oriented data management features, including powerful new data filters – making it easy to define dynamically updated ˜smart collections' of geospatial data, enabling users to rapidly identify the ˜right' data in a sea of information.  

New automated one-click processing and publication tools ensure that new data is automatically processed and published to your users with minimal effort, supporting improved situational awareness and faster mission preparation.

Users of the intuitive Discovery web portal are able to rapidly search, discover, visualise, and download geospatial data into external applications using open standards interfaces, so users are never more than a few clicks from finding the right data.  Envitia Discovery reduces the time spent hunting for data and instead allows more time for data visualisation, geospatial analysis and exploitation.

Discovery supports the widest range of standard and specialist geospatial data formats, ranging from all standard GIS formats through to specialist formats such as CADRG, DTED and S-57.  This latest release adds additional source data formats, including MrSID, JPEG200, ECRG, DBDB- V 6, WVS and DVOF, as well as high-quality preconfigured product visualisations for many complex geospatial data formats such as ENC.  

Envitia Discovery is built on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including WMS and CSW, to ensure interoperability with legacy and future systems, and that Discovery works seamlessly with an organisation's existing SDI, GIS, or GeoINT infrastructure.

With this release we have built upon Discovery's core capabilities, enhancing its support for automated data management, processing and publication, whilst introducing a powerful new workflow architecture that considerably reduces the effort required to get the right data to your users with speed and precision, said Matthew Wood, Product Manager at Envitia.  Discovery helps organisation focus on the visualisation, exploitation and analysis of spatial data by reducing the time, effort and cost associated with data management and distribution.  The ease of integration of Discovery with customers' existing tools and workflows, coupled with the flexible browser-based solution we provide, can also lower the total cost of ownership of systems by requiring fewer tools across the enterprise.   

An evaluation of Discovery 3.0 is available on request.  Please visit www.envitia.com/discovery for further details.

Envitia is a geospatial software and solutions provider, serving defence, government and industry customers all around the world.  Our mission is to help our clients make better operational decisions from actionable geospatial intelligence, using open information-sharing and visualisation solutions.  We specialise in serving customers working in mission- and time-critical domains, delivering products, sub-systems and end-to-end geospatial solutions.  Established in 1989, Envitia is a privately owned, small to medium sized enterprise (SME) with offices in the UK and USA.  Our technical leadership in high-performance geospatial technology, in-depth domain expertise and reputation for first-class customer support, mean Envitia stands out from the crowd.


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