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October 8, 2014
ASD Introduces a New Portable Full-range Handheld NIR Spectrometer

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 24, 2014– ASD Inc., a PANalytical company, developer of high-performance near-infrared (NIR) analytical instrumentation and material analysis solutions, today introduced the QualitySpec Trek, a full-range (350-2,500 nm) handheld NIR contact spectrometer. The QualitySpec Trek portable spectrometer streamlines the collection process by eliminating cables and removing the need for third-party computers or PDAs, delivering ease of use well beyond traditional lab- and bench-based systems.

With one pull of the trigger, the QualitySpec Trek delivers accurate spectral results in seconds, allowing users to easily develop their own libraries of spectral signatures for a wide variety of materials and applications, from remote sensing research to applications ranging from precision agriculture to defense and intelligence imaging. By optimizing spectral collection workflows, portability, and ease of use, QualitySpec Trek saves time in the field and the lab, lowers associated costs and maximizes ROI.

“With the QualitySpec Trek, ASD has brought improved efficiencies and reduced costs to a myriad of new applications that can benefit from integrating spectral materials recognition into their workflows, filling the need for a more compact, portable and easy-to-use spectrometer,” said Brian Curtiss, CTO.

The instrument is designed for general purpose spectral collection applications and addresses the needs of a broad range of markets such as academic and commercial materials research, industrial materials analysis, defense and intelligence materials classification, image classification and ultimately anyone that benefits from an easier and faster path to accurate full-range spectral characterization. The integrated light source  eliminates the need for external illumination. Analysts in a variety of industries can gather spectral signatures and create their own libraries for ground truthing and supervised image classification as well as chemometric quantitative and qualitative assessments, using the spectra collected from the instrument.

QualitySpec Trek instrument features include:

  • Fast and accurate full-range spectral results
  • Cable-free integrated system
  • Onboard GPS
  • Internal light source
  • Voice recording capability for expanded sample descriptions
  • On-board software available in English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish languages
  • Magnetic external white reference for simplified scanning of thin samples
  • Lightweight rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Integrated computer and LCD display
  • PC-based project and data management software
  • No third-party hardware

“By removing all external computers, cords and heavy equipment, the QualitySpec Trek simplifies spectral data collection providing faster data capture and workflow while still providing ASD’s gold standard spectral quality,” said Curtiss. “The instrument is also shipped with a project and data management software environment that offers users a new way to manage spectral data in ways they may never have imagined.”

The QualitySpec Trek portable spectrometer is an all-in-one device for real-time contact sampling; simply point, shoot and see the spectral results. For more information about the QualitySpec Trek, please visit

About ASD Inc., a PANalytical company

ASD Inc., a PANalytical Company is the global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions, solving some of the most challenging real-world materials measurement problems. ASD spectrometers — unparalleled in providing laboratory-grade results in the field or on-site — are the instruments of choice for remote sensing, environmental sciences, agricultural, mining, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper industry applications, where results drive paradigm-changing insights, efficiency and profit. Visit for more information about ASD Inc.

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