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  • Nov 11, 2014
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November 11, 2014
1Spatial Cloud Pivotal to Data Quality for Large European Data Project

Cambridge, United Kingdom, Nov. 11, 2014—1Spatial plc, the spatial big data company, was called upon by SINFOGEO, a GIS consultancy, to provide a robust, flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based solution. This was for a public tender to complete the production of a new national 100k scale cartographic series in Spain.

SINFOGEO opted to use 1Spatial Cloud for the project, which required SINFOGEO to update existing content using SPOT5 imagery and integrate the two differing data models into a single schema for all 50 provinces of Spain.  All the data used had to be quality assured to produce an accurate final product.

The data being used had been collected separately and it was the first time the Spanish Army and Government had worked together on a project like this.  A great deal of harmonising was required as both parties had different uses for the new data product moving forward.

Using 1Spatial Cloud Platform, SINFOGEO were able to underpin the quality assurance of the project from the onset, through each part of the supply chain.  The fact that it was cloud-based also enabled them to cut out expensive and time consuming deployment of software and hardware across each contributor’s site in Spain.

“We knew that we needed a rule to be able to do what we wanted to do.  But we didn’t know how to write it.  Working with the team at 1Spatial was great and together we quickly created and tested all the rules that the Government and Army needed. That meant we didn’t need to employ and pay staff on our side to develop many of the new things”, explained Jimena Martinez, SINFOGEO.

“By using 1Spatial Cloud as opposed to other options we considered, we were able to save at least a quarter of the time on the quality control aspect of the project.  This was mainly because of the flexibility, ease-of-use and speed in getting the team up and running, and the fact that the service was always available online,” added Martinez.

The final database has now been completed and is being used by both the Spanish Government and the Army for different requirements.  The next phase of the project is generalisation, where they can use data at different scales to derive multiple products from the database.  This is something that would not have been possible without a trusted data set.  The final goal is a single database which the Spanish Government and the Army can share, which will save on time and budget maintaining two databases.

To read the full case study visit:

About 1Spatial
1Spatial provides the software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data. We work with users and creators of the largest geospatial databases on earth, helping them collect, manage, plan, maintain, publish and interpret location-specific information.

Our clients include National Mapping Agencies, Land Registries, utility and telecommunications companies, and government departments including emergency services, defence and census bureaus.

A leader in our field, we have over forty five years’ experience and a record of continual innovation and development.  Today, with an ever increasing reliance on spatial and location-critical data, demand for our expertise has never been greater.

To find out more, visit

SINFOGEO is a GIS Consultancy based in Spain that was founded in 2004. They specialise in geomatic projects, development of geographic applications and e-learning geomatic solutions. SINFOGEO work with a variety of customers in different industries including: National Geographic Institute (IGN), National Center of Geographic Information (CNIG), Spanish Army Geographic Center (CEGET) and Geological Survey Institute of Spain (IGME).


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