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Homeland Security


April 15, 2011

Protecting the Nation and the Warfighter with Location-Based Intelligence

Geographic Search and Referencing It’s not a lack of information that hinders today’s homeland security and military defense
operations; it’s a lack of information convergence necessary to deliver relevant information about threats in a timely and efficient manner to law enforcement personnel and the warfighter. Many federal agencies are now leveraging a fast and efficient solution

April 9, 2011

Full-Motion Video Architecture Delivers Homeland Security Benefits

Law Enforcement Using the same commercial broadcast technologies that have been proven in demanding television networks around the world, Harris offers the latest architecture of FAME™ — the full-motion video asset management engine — now optimized for federal law enforcement and public safety applications. The latest evolution of the FAME solution expands upon previous versions

April 9, 2011

Rapid Mapping Bolsters Security and Disaster Response

High-Resolution Airborne Imagery Security and disaster mapping specialists have an insatiable  appetite for imagery; fortunately, there’s an ever-expanding menu of sensors to meet the demand. From large-format digital aerial photos to sub-meter-resolution satellite imagery, imagery products of all kinds are at planners’ fingertips.But when it comes to planning for and monitoring changes in dynamic environments,