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February 22, 2017
Updates for Autodesk Revit Live [formerly Autodesk LIVE] Announced Today

Autodesk brought “on demand” interactivity to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) with the  introduction of Autodesk Revit Live (formerly Autodesk LIVE) in July 2016.  Autodesk Revit Live is the game-changing, cloud-based service that transforms a Revit model into an immersive experience, in just one click. Rather than just seeing your model, Revit Live lets you experience it.


And then in October 2016 we announced the next milestone in the evolution of Revit Live with support for VR gear from HTC Vive or Oculus Rift with just two mouse clicks.  


Today we're announcing:


  • Release of version 1.7 of Revit Live [formerly Autodesk LIVE]. Why the name change? To reflect the integrated functionality within Revit and the ability to extend BIM to immersive visualization and virtual reality. 
  • Support for Revit LT - previously available only for users of Revit
  • Level of Details geometry generation and material instancing have also been added, resulting in a 20% performance improvement for users when working with large models [e.g. a hospital complex] and virtual reality.
  • Custom building materials are now supported in Revit Live, giving customers greater flexibility to create unique visualizations.

For more about the latest Autodesk Live 1.7 enhancements visit the release notes page and this help page.   


Autodesk Revit Live images are available here.  You will find a collection of images from the July launch, October VR update and a set of new images created by student and Revit Live beta tester Igor Macedo Barros Bahiense.

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