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March 6, 2017
SpyMeSat TRIPLESAT Constellation Tasking

GREENBELT, MD – Orbit Logic announced today that their SpyMeSat mobile app users can now send new tasking requests to the TRIPLESAT constellation operated by Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (21AT).  Available on the Apple App Store and Google play, the latest version of SpyMeSat allows users to obtain brand new images of any location on Earth from an expanding constellation of commercial high resolution imaging satellites including TRIPLESAT-1/2/3 as well as EROS-B and KOMPSAT-2/3.  This is in addition to the on-demand availability of recent archive high resolution satellite imagery from GeoEye-1 and WorldView-1/2/3 through SpyMeSat.


SpyMeSat provides real-time imaging satellite awareness, on-demand access to archive satellite imagery, and the ability to request new tasking directly from a mobile device. The most recent, highest resolution commercial satellite archive imagery of any location is available to the user through an easy and affordable in-app purchase process. The entire process of preview, select, purchase and delivery of archived imagery can be completed in seconds, delivering satellite imagery for any location on demand. And with the updated new tasking feature, any mobile user can now to task six different satellites (including the three TRIPLESAT imagers) to take a new picture if archive imagery does not meet their need. The user specifies the satellite, imaging location, image size, priority, and time frame, and receives tasking status updates for tasking request acceptance, acquisition status, and delivery.  The user is also notified with several hours notice of the exact second that their image will be taken, supporting “space selfies”.


“The SpyMeSat mobile app is becoming a true competitive marketplace for satellite imagery.  TRIPLESAT now provides an even more affordable and responsive option for SpyMeSat users.” said Alex Herz, president of Orbit Logic, “We are making satellite archive imagery and new tasking accessible, responsive and affordable for everyone.”               

Prices for recent archive images start as low as $9.99, and new tasking options now start at $375 for TRIPLESAT – making SpyMeSat by far the most affordable option on the market for high resolution satellite imagery.  Users can select the desired archive image or satellite for new tasking based on the price, responsiveness, image quality, and image size that meets their needs.  Archive satellite imagery resolution ranges from 30 cm – 50 cm, and the resolution for new tasking ranges from 70 cm to 1 m. 


Orbit Logic ( specializes in mission planning, scheduling, and space situational awareness. Orbit Logic's operationally proven software products create better plans faster with fewer resources, more insight, and less risk.  Our highly configurable desktop, web, mobile, and onboard software supports analysis and operations for domains including aerial/satellite imaging and space/ground networking.

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