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April 28, 2015
Phase One Industrial Releases iX Capture 2.0 Software for Aerial Photography

COPENHAGEN, April 28, 2015 — Phase One Industrial, a leading manufacturer of medium format aerial photography equipment and software solutions, today released Phase One iX Capture 2.0, a control, capture and RAW conversion application designed specifically for aerial photography.

Features include:

-- Support for up to six cameras. iX Capture 2.0 can support full oblique/nadir arrays with multiple Phase One aerial cameras or dual-camera arrays, such as RGB / NIR or arrays to capture wide swaths.

-- Auto Exposure mode. After a user selects a priority with specific ranges set for each parameter, the camera can evaluate the current image and adjust the ISO, aperture and shutter speed for subsequent captures. Auto exposure mode helps operators avoid post flight adjustments in exposure when light conditions change.

-- Offline processing of files and complete folders. iX Capture can now process images post flight, enabling users to process files previously captured or even process the same files, but with different settings applied. With a choice of three offline processing recipes, individual images or folders can be processed individually or simultaneously.

Many additional changes have been implemented to make both the onboard capture experience and post flight processing even more efficient than ever.This new iX Capture software has an improved GUI with scalable windows to enable use of an FMS or other applications at the same time, and low disk space alert. IX Capture 2.0 supports the iXU 180, iXU 160 and iXU 160 Achromatic, both Windows 8 and Windows 7 and dynamic file prefixes to make working with files a snap.

Pricing and Availability

The Phase One iX Capture application was created for use exclusively with Phase One aerial cameras. It is a free application available immediately for download from Phase One Industrial at

About Phase One Industrial

Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S, and is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of specialized industrial camera systems and software. Phase One Industrial camera systems are built specifically for applications such as aerial photography, homeland security and inspection. The company provides advanced hardware and imaging software solutions that meet the unique requirements of its customers worldwide.

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