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April 12, 2016
Autodesk Unveils ReCap 360 PRO: All-in-One Reality Capture Software

Autodesk, Inc. will showcase its revamped ReCap offering at Booth #703 at the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in The Woodlands, Texas.  ReCap 360 PRO offers new packaging, new features, and best of all – dramatically low pricing!

While the free version, ReCap 360, still exists, there is now only one option available for upgrade that unlocks the gates to all of the advanced features for working with laser scans or photo data and it's called ReCap 360 Pro.   As part of a subscription plan, ReCap 360 Pro can be obtained for only $300 annually, or rented on a monthly basis for only $40!  All current subscribers to Ultimate can directly enroll to the new offering and get access to all the latest Pro features.

Key features include: 

  • ReCap 360 Pronow lets you convert point clouds into 3D textured meshes. With this Scan-to-Mesh service, you can isolate objects in your project’s point cloud, and use cloud computing to create a watertight 3D textured mesh. This is similar to the photogrammetry process that you use in ReCap 360 for converting photos into a high-resolution 3D mesh. You simply upload the scan data to the cloud, and you’ll get an email when your mesh is complete and ready for download. This means that numerous projects can be processed in parallel and instead of tying up and relying on your desktop’s computing power, the processing is offloaded to the cloud.
  • Another is anAuto-Cleanup tool, which lets you easily remove noise from scanned data, like people in motion, moving cars, and so forth. Instead of spending hours doing this work manually, now it can be done with one single click.
  • Fly featuresfor UAV/drone - photos are part of the ReCap 360 Pro offering. The Photo-to-3D web service has been updated with UAV/drone specific features to allow the creation of geo-located ortho views and depth maps, photo-based point clouds and photo-textured 3D meshes from photos tagged with GPS information. The user can also input survey points (also called Ground Control Points) in the stitching process to increase accuracy or to align a UAV-photo based point cloud with a laser scan point cloud.
  • ReCap 360 Proalso offers batch project creation from a whole host of input files, letting you convert raw format point cloud files to the RCP and RCS indexed formats without the need of going through ReCap at all. RCS is the native point cloud format for all Autodesk software. By converting raw scan data to RCS point clouds, now that data can be brought directly in your Autodesk design software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3Ds Max, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Inventor, Plant 3D, Map 3D and more...

ReCap 360 and ReCap 360 PRO feature comparison

This chart shows all the upgrades that goes with Pro compared to the basic ReCap 360. The initial version (ReCap 360) can still be used for free for all the essential functions like importing, viewing, editing and measuring tools for point cloud data, and is available in most Autodesk suites or as a download which offers 5 GB of cloud storage on A360 Drive.

With ReCap 360 Pro, you can experience the increased speed and workflow capabilities for scan and photogrammetry projects. Pro offers a full spectrum of cutting-edge features such as automatic scan registration and photo stitching into 3D models, advanced editing and measurement tools, scan-to-mesh data service, Fly features for UAV/drone photos, and collaborative tools, along with 100 GB of A360 cloud storage. The photo-to-3D web service, users can turn UAV capture projects into orthographic views, 3D point clouds, or photo-textured 3D meshes. ReCap Pro also features alignment of laser scan and photo-based projects into one!

To learn more about ReCap 360 PRO, stop by Booth #703 or visit the ReCap Product blog.  A 30-day trial of the Pro version can be downloaded from this link.

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