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December 9, 2014
Image Matters Selected to Support NGA’s Map of the World Initiative

Leesburg, Va., Nov. 24, 2014—The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) recently awarded Image
Matters LLC a contract to address some of the agency’s most pressing challenges through its Accelerating Map of the
World Initiative. This initiative will deliver innovative solutions that expedite and strengthen the agency’s Map of the
World (MoW). MoW is foundational to the Intelligence Community’s object-based production environment. MoW will
provide easy access to an expanded web of integrated intelligence (content within context), grounded by authoritative
geospatial features, for everyday decision makers, operational users, and intelligence analysts.

Image Matters LLC was selected for its proposed linked-data strategy addressing the integration of object-basedintelligence
(OBI) with foundation geospatial intelligence. NGA seeks to enhance the capability to generate, curate,
analyze and share structured OBI as linked data with originating information tracking.

“This award builds upon a decade of advanced research and development into innovative analysis techniques for OBI,”
said Harry Niedzwiadek, CEO of Image Matters LLC. “Our efforts began with NGA’s $1M Innovations in Geospatial
Intelligence Award (2005), through which we pursued a vastly improved solution to what former Director James
Clapper referred to as the ‘volume, velocity, variety and veracity (4V) problem’, known commonly today as the ‘Big
Data problem’. Following this pioneering work, and complementary extended research with DARPA and others, we set
our sights on next generation object-based production and analysis tools and services. Accelerating Map of the World
has great potential to dramatically enhance the effectiveness and productivity of analysts, in a far more seamless and
integrated fashion than ever before.”

About Image Matters LLC

Image Matters LLC is a cutting-edge innovator that develops advanced software products and systems-engineering
solutions for a variety of complex problem domains. Image Matters specializes in applications and technology for web
service platforms, Geospatial Web, Semantic Web, Social Web, Sensor Web, Big Data analytics, mobile solutions, and
Geographic Information Systems. Image Matters has a proven track-record of success supporting clients in the
commercial, defense, intelligence, homeland security, environmental, and natural resource management markets.
Image Matters LLC is privately held with its headquarters in Leesburg, VA. For more information about the firm, visit

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