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November 30, 2016
DisasterLAN 10.4 Focuses on GIS-Based Situation Awareness

BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 30, 2016  —  Getting maps and geographic information into the hands of responders quickly is critical to making strategic decisions on resources, personnel, and services.  Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG), Inc. has addressed this need by making working with maps faster and easier in DisasterLAN (DLAN) 10.4.

Central to DLAN 10.4 is an optimized mapping engine that tremendously speeds up data requests, allowing maps to be loaded with large amounts of data in a fraction of the time it took to load that data in the past. New automated GIS layer health monitoring allows sites to better maintain third party base maps, map overlays, geocoders, and other third party map services by detecting slow or unavailable feeds and automatically working to disable, report, or repair those feeds before they become issues for users. These new features ensure that emergency responders are provided with the most current information at the quickest speed possible.

DLAN 10.4 also comes with map interface changes to improve ease of use. Tools like the layer ribbon, map reports, and markups have been optimized to make it easier to view, share, and download data as needed. All DLAN systems, regardless of version, are now able to use light-weight mapping features, such as the ability to preview maps and use mini-maps. These, combined with speed enhancing features, improves the user's overall experience when using maps in DLAN and provides better situational awareness.

"The performance improvements in mapping are truly night and day in Version 10.4," says DLAN Product Manager Tim Masterson. "Any customer that relies upon mapping as a part of their Status Boards and workflow, should contact BCG today to get these exciting new changes."

In addition to mapping enhancements, DLAN's Asset Management module has been upgraded to make it easier to build new custom asset reports and asset dashboards. Logistics staff can now build reports based on specific subsets of data, deploy those reports to DLAN status boards, and easily export that asset information as needed. Since mobility is a key need for logistics' personnel, all of these new tools are designed to work just as well from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

About DisasterLAN:
DisasterLAN is a web-based incident management system designed for use in emergency operations centers to manage both planned events and disasters using ICS and NIMS standards.

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