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March 10, 2016
Anatum Field Solutions Announces Nationwide BYOD Sub-meter and RTK GNSS Rental Program

Beaverton, OR – Anatum Field Solutions (AFS) announced a nationwide BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) submeter GNSS and centimeter (RTK) GNSS receiver rental program. With the explosion of smartphones and tablets in recent years and the availability of universal Bluetooth sub-meter and RTK GNSS receivers, high-accuracy GNSS data collection is available to everyone.

AFS offers all mobile GIS devices including Apple (iOS), Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile/EHH and also stocks various GNSS receivers like Eos Arrow (submeter and centimeter), SXBlue (submeter and centimeter), Trimble R1 (1 meter), and BadElf (1-3 meters) in a wide variety of configurations.

“We intend to make centimeter and submeter accuracy GNSS receivers available to everyone, even if you only need it for a couple of days”, said Matt Alexander, Vice President at AFS. “Our full rental systems come complete with GNSS receiver, tablet with cellular data, data collection software and accessories. You can literally be collecting centimeter-accurate data within minutes of opening the box, no matter what your experience level is.”

AFS can accommodate a wide variety of mobile GIS software solutions with its systems, including Esri’s ArcGIS Collector/Survey123/ArcPad, iCMTGIS, TerraGo, AmigoCloud, Avenza PDF Maps, Fulcrum, tMap, and others. AFS provides the software tools and technical support to turn these mobile GIS software into centimeter or submeter-accurate data collection systems.

AFS offers three different rental configurations:

-Complete systems including GNSS receiver, tablet computer with cellular data plan, mobile GIS software and accessories. Ready to map.

-GNSS receiver and tablet computer with cellular data plan (user logs into their own mobile GIS account).

-GNSS receiver (centimeter or submeter) only. Ready to connect to your mobile device.

All rentals come with a return shipping label so the user just needs to leave the box at a Fedex pick-up location, hotel counter, office counter or anywhere that Fedex picks up.

AFS rentals target high-accuracy users in GIS, UAV, environmental, engineering, surveying, agriculture, electric/gas/water utilities, pipeline, forestry, mining, transportation, construction, architecture, and federal/state/local government markets.

About Anatum Field Solutions

Anatum Field Solutions <> has decades of experience using high-accuracy GNSS receivers in the field. We’ve tested and used many different types of GNSS receivers, mobile devices and mobile GIS software. By renting from us, you’ll benefit from our objective opinion on the best GNSS mapping solution to fit your needs, and we have a technical support group to back you up. We are the only BYOD-centric rental company in the US that supports all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile/EHH) with centimeter and submeter GNSS receivers.

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