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OGC to Demo Results of Major Interoperability Testbed
May 6, 2015—On 4 June, 2015 the Open Geospatial...
Caltech, JPL Team Captures Movement on Nepal Earthquake Fault Rupture
Using a combination of satellite radar imaging data, GPS...
FAA-Industry Initiative Will Expand Small UAS Horizons
WASHINGTON, May 5, 2015—The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal...
MDA Releases RADARSAT-2 Information for the Nepal Earthquake
Richmond, BC, May 4, 2015 –MDA’s Information Systems group announced...
OGC Announces Standard for Concise Description of Earth Coordinate Reference Systems
May 6, 2015 — The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) membership has...

Stereo Viewing Systems


26 Richardson St.

Toronto, ON M5A 4J9



TRUE3Di offers stereoscopic LCD monitors. Developed for photogrammetry and other geospatial applications, True3Di uses two LCD panels and a half-mirror to overcome the limits of other stereo monitor technologies, delivering stunningly clear high-resolution 3-D imagery.


490 De Guigne Drive, Suite 200
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
zSpace is a leading-edge technology provider that enables natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3-D imagery. Targeting markets such as manufacturing, architecture, engineering and government, zSpace aims to accelerate design and development processes and increase productivity through 3-D visualization.