Crowd-Sourced Mapping Shows Promise for Disaster Relief

A new report says the potential of online mapping to transform humanitarian services will not be realized without better coordination and communication between digital volunteers and veteran agencies in the relief field.

Satellite Images Help Scientists Confirm Mass Gazelle Hunts

A DigitalGlobe satellite image of the Syrian desert clearly shows mass graves scientists call “desert kites” into which gazelles were herded and slaughtered 5,000 years ago.

DigitalGlobe and Extreme Ice Survey to Monitor World’s Glaciers

Monitoring glacial retreat reveals the effects of climate change over time. Extreme Ice Survey uses an innovative photographic approach with satellite imagery and time-lapse cameras that record glacier changes every 30 minutes

Hummingbird UAV Takes Flight

Aerovironment has achieved a new technical milestone with a tiny UAV: controlled precision hovering and fast-forward flight of a two-wing, flapping wing aircraft that carries its own energy source.

Industry Updates – April

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  Satellite Sentinel Project Aims to Deter War in Sudan DigitalGlobe collaborated with the Satellite Sentinel Project, the brainchild of actor George Clooney, to deliver the first images and analysis of the evolving situation in Sudan, following the country’s historic vote on independence in January 2011. According to DigitalGlobe Vice President Stephen Wood, the company’s [...]

Industry Updates

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NASA Satellites Capture a Stronger La Nińa
A new Ocean Surface Topography Mission (OSTM)/Jason-2 satellite image of the Pacific Ocean indicates the current La Nińa event in the eastern Pacific remained strong during December 2010.

“This latest event appears to be one of the strongest ones over this time period,” says Climatologist Bill Patzert of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “It’s already impacting weather and climate all around the planet.”