ASPRS Announces 2012 Award Winners

Bethesda, Md., April 18, 2012—ASPRS announced the following award winners at its annual conference in Sacramento, Calif., in March:

Dean W. Merchant Winner of Photogrammetric Award

The Photogrammetric Award (Fairchild) was awarded to Dean W. Merchant, PhD, PE..  This award, the essence of which is practicability, is designed to stimulate the development of the art of aerial photogrammetry in the United States.  The selection committee makes its choice based on an outstanding invention or design involving any type of equipment that applies to the art of aerial photogrammetry; any outstanding method developed for the general use of aerial photographs and/or imagery; outstanding research for study along aerial photogrammetric lines and outstanding effort for the general advancement of the art of photogrammetry.  Lockheed Martin donates funding for the award, which consists of a silver presentation plaque.

One of the pioneers in incorporating GPS with photogrammetric cameras, Merchant was awarded the Photogrammetric (Fairchild) Award for his activity in the in-situ calibration of GPS-assisted photogrammetric systems as well as other excellent and far reaching achievements.  Merchant has been Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University since 1988.

Additional awards made during the ASPRS 78th Annual Conference and administered by the ASPRS Foundation were:

      Robert N. Colwell Memorial Fellowship

      Winner: Meghan Graham MacLean, PhD candidate in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science-Remote Sensing/GIS at the University of New Hampshire

      Boeing Award for Best Paper in Image Analysis and Interpretation

Winners:  Joe Fortier, John Rogan, Curtis E. Woodcock, and Daniel Miller Runfola for “Utilizing Temporally Invariant Calibration Sites to Classify Multiple Dates and Types of Satellite Imagery,” PE&RS, 77 (2), 181–189.

John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers

      First Place Winners:  Kass Green, Mark Tukman, and Mark Finkbeiner, for “Comparison of DMC, UltraCam, and ADS40 Imagery for Benthic Habitat and Propeller Scar Mapping.” PE&RS, 77 (6), 589-599.

ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing

First Place Winners:  Jungho Im, Zhenyu Lu, and John R. Jensen for “A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Moving Threshold Optimization for Binary Change Detection,” PE&RS, 77 (2), 167–180.

ESRI Award for Best Scientific Paper in GIS

      First Place Winners:  Fayek A. Farag, Christopher M.U. Neale, Roger K. Kjelgren, and Joanna Endter-Wada for “Quantifying Urban Landscape Water Conservation Potential Using High Resolution Remote Sensing and GIS,” PE&RS, 77 (11), 1113-1122.

Talbert Abrams Award

      Grand Award Winners:  Christopher E. Parrish, Inseong Jeong, Robert D. Nowak, and R. Brent Smith for “Empirical Comparison of Full-Waveform Lidar Algorithms:  Range Extraction and Discrimination Performance,” PE&RS, 77 (8), 825-838.

William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Baojun Zheng, PhD student in the Department of Geography at the Virginia Tech University

Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Ivan D. Detchev, doctoral candidate at the University of Calgary, Canada, Department of Geomatics Engineering

Ta Liang Memorial Award

      Winner:  Matthew Fagan, a PhD student in Environmental Biology at Columbia University, New York

Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Bradley Scott Henning, South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, South Dakota

      John O. Behrens Institute for Land Information Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Tiffany Tatum, California State University, Fresno

      Kenneth J. Osborn Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Andreas Torsvik, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatics Engineering from the California State University at Fresno

      GeoEye Award

      Winner:  Katie Ann Corcoran, PhD student in Biological Anthropology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

      Z/I Imaging Award

      Winner: Jacky Chow, pursuing his PhD in Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada

      International Educational Literature Award (IELA)

Winner:  Mzuzu University, Department of Land Management, Mzuzu, Malawi

      Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Ana Paula Baungarten Kersting, a PhD student in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada

      Paul R. Wolf Memorial Scholarship

      Winner:  Allan Ng, a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering-Geotechnical Engineering at the University of California-Los Angeles

      BAE Systems Award             

Winner:  Nima Pahlevan, PhD Candidate, Rochester Institute of Technology for “Integrating Landsat-7 Imagery with Physics-based Models for Quantitative Mapping of Coastal Waters near River Discharges”

      Ford Barlett Membership Award

Recipients: Steven P. Lennartz

      Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award

      Winner: Qassim Abdullah

      Conference Management Awards

      Recipients: Conference Co-Directors, Alan Mikuni and George Hepner and Conference Technical Program Co-Directors Maggi Kelly and Ryan Jensen

      Presidential Citations

Recipients: Lewis Graham, Bobbi Lenczowski, Ekaterina Fitos, Devin Bourland, Thomas Holm,  Brian Murphy, Kim Tilley, Carolyn Merry, Matthew Austin, Russell Congalton, Jeanie Congalton, Rae Kelley, Dave Kreighbaum, Jerry Lenczowski, Naresh Pai, James Plasker, Heather Staverman

Complete information on all of the above awards can be found at


Founded in 1934, ASPRS is an international professional organization of 6,000 geospatial data professionals. ASPRS is devoted to advancing knowledge and improving understanding of the mapping sciences to promote responsible application of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems and supporting technologies.

Founded in 1979, The ASPRS Foundation, Inc. is an independent 501 (c) 3 organization established to provide grants, scholarships, loans and other forms of aid to individuals or organizations pursuing knowledge of imaging and geospatial information science and technology, and their applications across the scientific, governmental, and commercial sectors.  The Foundation is the primary funding source for all non-sponsored awards and scholarships recognized by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.