TransMap Concept Is a Game Changer for Transit Planning

ORLANDO, June 13, 2012—Central Floridians are preparing to reap the benefits of a robust multimodal transportation network, the region is experiencing tremendous transit synergy, and the need for inter and intra-agency coordination has never been greater. TransMap ( provides the capabilities of creating custom maps, performing standard Geographic Information System (GIS) operations such as measuring distances, querying data, and searching locations as well as providing direct links to additional sources of information such as route schedules, external websites, planning documents (TDP, LRTP) and concept studies. This is a game changer for transit planning.

HDREngineering, Inc. conceptualized the overall framework of the tool in close coordination with FDOT and brought in Data Transfer Solutions (“DTS”) to perform the web development. The quality of the user experience and robustness of the solution is made possible through the application of the latest available technologies provided by DTS’ team of certified planners,GISprofessionals and web developers.  DTS’ developers drew on experience gained developing applications across the country including a host of applications for FHWA, DOTs and MPOs throughout the U.S.

For many years, recurring expenses were incurred developing maps overlaying existing and planned systems developed by various transportation partners.  Further, the studies and reports associated with the systems were sometimes difficult to find. This first-in-Florida interactive tool hosts and disseminates transit information and allows mapping and spatial analysis of systems to inform decision making with a few clicks on a computer.  Maps can now be made in seconds with this tool that houses all data in one location, saving FDOT millions of dollars in mapping costs resulting from process streamlining through the useful life of the program. The future of the application will continue to evolve and incorporate updates on a regular published schedule.  This will help ensure the tool is always current with meaningful and timely planning information and is dynamic in terms of content.  Additional functionality for the site will also continue to evolve as feedback is reviewed and improvements can be incorporated.

For more information, contact:

Brian Sovik, GISP, Director of GIS-Transportation Solutions, Data Transfer Solutions, LLC, 3680 Avalon Park East Blvd., Suite 200 |  Orlando, 32828; 407.770.8611;  or Santanu Roy, PTP, Senior Project Manager, HDR, 315 E. Robinson Street, Suite 400 | Orlando, FL 32801; 407.420.4238; .