MAPPS Forms State Chapter in Maryland

Reston, Va., June 21, 2012—MAPPS (, the only national association of private geospatial firms, has announced the formation of its fourth state chapter with the establishment of MD-MAPPS inMaryland.

The initial Board of Directors will be President Richard Crouse (Richard Course & Associates,Frederick,MD); Vice President Justin Lehman (Axis Geospatial,Easton,MD); Secretary Tim Stagg (AeroMetric, Inc.,Easton,MD); Treasurer Kurt Allen (Photo Science, Inc.,Bowie,MD) and Director Al Wainger (Michael Baker Jr., Inc.,Ellicott City,MD).

The goals of MD-MAPPS will be to—

  • Build relationships with local and state government
  • Provide a voice for the private sector and the geospatial community at large in governmental processes
  • Pursue relationships with professional geospatial organizations inMaryland
  • Provide a forum for private geospatial firms in the state
  • Promote education and workforce development programs with post secondary education institutions

In order to be a member of MD-MAPPS, a firm must be a member of the MAPPS national association. Private sector geospatial firms with offices or employees in or with a business interest in Marylandare encouraged to join the state chapter. Firms can enroll on the MAPPS website,

Maryland(MD-MAPPS) is the fourth state chapter of the association followingPennsylvania(PA-MAPPS) formed in 2007,Colorado(CO-MAPPS) formed in 2011 andGeorgia(GA-MAPPS) formed earlier in 2012.


Formed in 1982, MAPPS is the only national association exclusively comprised of private firms in the remote sensing, spatial data and geographic information systems field in theUnited States. The MAPPS membership spans the entire spectrum of the geospatial community, including Member Firms engaged in satellite and airborne remote sensing, surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography, LIDAR, hydrography, bathymetry, charting, aerial and satellite image processing,GPS, andGISdata collection and conversion services. MAPPS also includes Associate Member Firms, which are companies that provide hardware, software, products and services to the geospatial profession in theUnited Statesand other firms from around the world. Independent Consultant Members are sole proprietors engaged in consulting in or to the geospatial profession, or provides a consulting service of interest to the geospatial profession.

MAPPS provides its 160+ member firms opportunities for networking and developing business-to-business relationships, information sharing, education, public policy advocacy, market growth, and professional development and image enhancement.

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